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About Us

FoodSoul was created by Anne Nguimbous, along with amazing recipes and tremendous marinades. She hails from Cameroon and Gabon in Africa. The business was created to help her achieve her ultimate dream, which is to create a non-profit organization that would provide jobs and permanent homes for the chronic homeless. We love bringing people together, creating unforgettable memories around our tasty meals.  Anne really believes that cooking is about creativity and the ability to use what you have in hand, also being able to properly balance different elements in your food is key to a delicious meal. Our goals are not only to provide you with the best meals ever but also to teach you how to make some of these meals yourself.

Our life’s journey often impacts our passions. Without God Guidance, Protection and Love, we cannot make the right decisions, obey and act with Wisdom.
Anne’s journey clearly defined her from an early age. Growing up in a Christian an entrepreneurial home, Anne was introduced to business ownership by her father, a military man who became a serial entrepreneur. His ventures included owning a construction company and a grocery store. Unfortunately, when Anne was eleven her father lost everything. The next experiences in Anne’s young life were the death of her mother after an illness and homelessness. As her father fell into a deep depression Anne realized she needed to take control over her life and future. She went from a secure home to sleeping on the street, in a truck and various family members. She event spent two years living with priests and nuns. Her determination to own her future led Anne to graduate from high school, earn a bachelor’s degree and finally a master’s in marketing, Management and International Trade.
Upon graduation Anne utilized her marketing knowledge working with an international Dutch company as a Country Manager for 11 years, Sales, Brand and Commercial Manager. Her employer offered her the opportunity to travel abroad to learn English. She chose the United States deciding to live in Columbus, Ohio.
Moving to Columbus, Anne struggled to find housing. As a new immigrant within the U.S. Anne did not possess credit or a social security card and ended up living in a shelter, even though she was employed and had the ability to pay rent. Again, Anne was homeless. Entrepreneurship and homelessness are the two factors of Anne’s story that led to the creation of Food Souls’ Cuisine in 2022 and the creation of Passion of Soul in 2023. Passion of Soul is a newly formed non-profit organization providing a home for the unhoused. Food Souls’ Cuisine is a social enterprise combining Anne’s Cameroon spices and food with traditional American cuisine. Not only does Anne desire to provide a place for individuals to call home but she also desires to teach them the food business so they can earn an income and move into permanent housing and employment.
Anne obtains different certificates in ITIL, SCRUM Master, Leadership UA, ServSafe, Entrepreneur and uses her various Skill and knowledges in cooking to assist those in need.
" Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me" Matthew 25:40.
It's all about serving those in need.

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